Company History

  • 1997            Founded

  • 1998            General Motors is on sale

  • 1999            The company "Ziguang" registered trademark began to use

  • 2001            Worm gear reducer is on sale

  • 2002            Obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification

  • 2003            Downline of four series of gear reducer products

  • 2006            Maqiao plant area officially put into operation,

  • 2008            Automated warehouse is listed and operated.

  • 2010            Recognized as a national high-tech enterprise,Tsinghua Electromechanical Power

                       Transmission and Automation Provincial High-tech Enterprise Research and

                       Development Center was approved for construction.

  • 2011            Recognized as the AAA-level “Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping”

                        unit of Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Enterprise

  • 2012            "ZIK Ziguang" trademark won the famous trademark of Zhejiang Province

  • 2013            The company changed its name to Autofast Technologies Co.,Ltd.

  • 2018            Production operation of the company's eastern plant